Thursday, August 5, 2010


Here in Fort Worth at my Keller Williams office, we are all amazed at the calls that we are getting this week!  People who just noticed a new listing in Fort Worth, or folks who want to lease a home near a certain school.  ....Just as sure as the school calendar, when the tides turn to the beginning of school, people decide they need to or from the area!

Coincidentally, the end of Summer marks the time when motivated Sellers will be sure to consider a negotiated sales price, rather than the prospect of still having their home on the market in November!

My advise to BUYERS:  Get busy..........look, and make offers.  Your agent should be advising you on market values that are current.  Those values are your map to an offer.  MY advise to SELLERS:  Encourage your showings.  Don't be picky about the time notice of your appointment.........remember, unless they see it, they are not going to buy it!  When an offer comes in expect it to be low..........BUT just negotiate.  It is not a price or a deal until everyone has agreed.    If you do not have an offer within 10 showings, you need to step back and revisit the price of your home!  What is your exterior saying about your home........check the front door.  When you open the door, does it look inviting......lights on, in the stage.....lights, camera, action!

We want the action on your home to result in an offer.  So get busy, and get aggressive about your home and what it says to your potential buyer!

Remember if you have real estate questions for Fort Worth, Texas area (Keller, Colleyville, Southlake etc.)
give me a call..........I want to help!

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