Saturday, October 2, 2010

A FAll Evening in Fort Worth

I brag about Fort Worth and it's offerings almost daily in this blog.  It seems that each time I get out and experience Fort Worth and it's offerings, I am more in awe of my city. 

Our museums in Fort Worth are some of the best in the country...probably in the world.  We are privileged to have people at the Amon Carter Museum who put together wonderfully unique shows that are not only fabulous art, but also offer a wealth of information about our country, it's history; the now and the past.

The new photography show that opens at the Amon Carter today is rich in reminders of the heritage of our country.  The journey through the industrial revolution and a look back in the days of the difficult times of  1930-1947 bring back memories of times that some experienced and others remember hearing their parent and grandparents describe.  The images are beautiful black and white, or sepia toned and each offers drama and evokes a mood, a feeling, or a memory.  If you have and opportunity....go and see it.  Better yet, make the time.  I will be returning again.
October 2, 2010–January 2, 2011

American Modern: Abbott, Evans, Bourke-White

This special exhibition showcases the work of three of America’s most beloved photographers—Berenice Abbott, Margaret Bourke-White, and Walker Evans—and offers new insight into the flourishing genre of documentary photography during the 1930s.
The Amon Carter is always no charge for it's shows.

After the wonderful art time, a friend and I took advantage of the great Fall temperatures and decided that we would like to dine outdoors...........and what luck we had..........
A popular spot in the Museum Place/So 7th area, Patrizio, had a great table out on the patio and we were able to take advantage of the views of people strolling by and people going into other shops and restaurants.  We commented that Fort Worth has everything that our larger, sister city of Dallas, has, but we do not have the noise, and we don't have to wait hours to get a great table on a Saturday night.
After dinner, we strolled the area and peered into the colorful windows at the trendy merchandise that so speaks of Fort Worth.  The area was still full of people having Gelatos, drinks, dining, and enjoying their condo balconies as we ended a great evening ............Ah...Fort Worth, a really GREAT PLACE TO LIVE AND WORK!