Monday, July 11, 2011

Tarrant County Foreclosures...What to Do if YOU are in Trouble!!!

Fort Worth, Texas is one of the best places in the country to live and yet we have large numbers of people who either are in Foreclosure or will be in Foreclosure soon if they fail to act.  These are the facts...and this is very important information for you, Tarrant County, Fort Worth homeowner in Trouble!!!!

Note:  #1  YOU DO NOT WANT FORECLOSURE.  It has a longterm effect on your credit. It will always show up on your credit reports and it will be many, many years before you can purchase a home again.
Note: #2   YOU have a very good option at hand..........BUT, if you do not talk with an agent who really knows what to may not be able to avoid FORECLOSURE.

SHORT SALE is the possible solution that will only "ding" your credit for a short time.  This is by far the best alternative.  Are there consequences?  Yes, but they are short term by comparison to Bankruptcy and/or Foreclosure.

Click for more pictures ...This is a lovely home that is being sold as a Short Sale.
It is on an oversized lot and has over 2000 sq. ft....Very nice in a nice neighborhood.  The subdivision has had more short sales than regular sales due to the declining market and buyers that bought with $0 down payments and could not continue to make payments later. 

If you are in trouble and need information about a Tarrant County Short Sale.......Please contact me right away.  I am available for consultation by appointment at no obligation.  Call me to set a time. 817 920-7700/DiAnne Arnette Keller Williams Fort Worth