Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How Fast are Homes Selling?!!

You are not alone if you are asking this question.

Just this week I have been helping a young client in the Flower Mound/Highland Village area.  Before you ask why I was showing outside of my generally Fort Worth listing and showing area....
....she is a daughter of one of my friends, and I just happen to have sold a lot of homes in that area between 1991 and 2000, so I am comfortable with the area, but back to the point.

People live and work and drive and work all over the Dallas Fort Worth larger area, and with 2 working people in most households, central locations are sometimes the best alternatives.  In this case, being central to the entire area is very important to this family.

So, the family wanst to purchase between $250,000 and $300,000, which sounds like they should have a nice choice to choose from .  Over and over, as I called listing agents to ask if the property was really available, still showing active in our MLS, the answer was "Well, yes, but I have received 4 offers and I am accepting offers until 5:00 PM tomorrow, if you want to show it and write something.
Each day I have been monitoring this particular market and there have been a maximum of 3-5 homes that were available...and at least 2 of those were already ones with contracts in stacks. Slim Pickings!

This is a great situation,  if you are a seller, but a stressful place to be if you want to purchase a home.  Conversely it is true that if the home is OVERPRICED, the home will not sell that fast, and will likely sit there and eventually sell for much less.  Again, those are the "not, so perfect" listings.

No matter the season, the same is and demand + location and the correct pricing is the formula for selling a home in a timely manner.

I see this happening now, in various pockets across the area....if you want more information, just give me a call and ask me your specific questions.  DiAnne Arnette, REALTOR (Williams Trew Real Estate Services) 817 732-8400,,,just ask for me.
 The home pictured in my listing at 123 Coronado Bend, Fort Worth, tx 76108, Aledo ISD