Wednesday, August 24, 2011

End of Summer...........School Starts.....Now What?

The carpool lines have begun and Fort Worth kids are back in school!  With triple digit thermometer readings still in the forecast for days....maybe weeks to come, what about real estate? 

I am here to tell you that Fort Worth area real estate is continuing to fair well.  When buyers and sellers who are motivated communicate, homes get bought and sold! Interest rates are still so low it is unbelievable...and word to the it...get a a home.  This is still a fabulous opportunity for First Time Homebuyers to purchase!  Low, Low interest rates keep it so great to buy, that I cannot understand leasing a property when the rates are much hight to lease than to purchase.

Yes, I know there are circumstances for leasing.....but just put it on your list of things to do....BUY REAL ESTATE WHILE THIS opportunity exisits.  People from other countries who have never had the opportunity to purchase in their country of origin, are buying if they can....and as fast as they can.

What about neighborhoods where there are good buys?
Here are a few zipcodes that I recommend for a great buy!
76131, 76120, 76244, 76116, 76108,  Yes there have been foreclosed homes in those areas...and that is why they are great buys!  If you will be in a home for 5 years or more, the neighborhood will most likely be stablized in that time frame and you will have accrued value and equity. 

If you can afford to purchase in 76107 or 76109, you will still find great buys........these are and have been stabile neighborhoods for the past 25 years and most likely will be stabile for the next many years to come. 

My job and pleasure as a Fort Worth area real estate agent is to know and share the information that I have.  I am a people person and I want to answer any question that you may have...

One more time, I must say, "Thank Goodness it's Fort Worth!"

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