Thursday, September 22, 2011

Keller Williams MegaAgent Camp 2011...just Happened!!!

While my brain is still reeling............I am talking about what MegaAgent Camp offered the past 3 days in Austin, Texas at the Convention Center in downtown Austin, Texas.

The first half day was totally technology!  I found out about "apps" that I had no idea even existed!  One of the really neat ones was an app that lets you enter a Chat room with anyone in a city.  In my business I can ask for leads of sellers or buyers...or referrals from other agents.  This one only works in Austin, Tx and NYC right now, but will be coming to our cities soon. 

Another point that was driven home is that it is NOT cool to simply use your social networking apps for marketing....It is more about showing that you are a person who is interested in others too.  I like that...because I am a people person and I love knowing about them....and what they are doing, so long it is not just an "in my face" kind of thing.

Also...we learned that fewer photos work better when you are marketing on Craig's List....The opposite of our MLS system where more is better....craig's list is the want them to act on finding out about the property..............

As I looked around the 10K Keller Williams agents in the huge room in the Austin Community Center, I was amazed at the number of agents who were from other real estate companies...Lots of Coldwell Banker, Ebby Halliday, and C21.............KW invites all to our events...we share our information and never try to hide what we are doing.  That must be why we are the fastest growing real estate brokerage world wide....and our agents truly like to help one another.

I will admit that Gary Keller, Chairman and Founder of KW really holds his agents accountable for what they are doing.  As the most rigid task master, by his own description, he doesn tend to make guilty and think that I am never doing enough.  On that note: what it means to me is that he expects KW agents to be excellent.  I probably do too....if you have ever had a transaction with an agent who really either doesn't have the information to be better.....or is not being held accountable for their actions.

More tidbits later in the next post

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