Monday, September 26, 2011

Your Fort Worth Home-Selling It Quick!!!

Fort Worth homes are fairing much better than the national average in length of time to sell and the prices that sellers are receiving.  In general homes that are in great single family neighborhoods are fairing very well when the sellers are realistic and have owned their homes for several years.

Condominiums, while still selling, have a lot of competition and the sellers who have successfully sold this year have been the sellers who have drastically reduced their asking prices to attract buyers who might otherwise be only looking at foreclosure condos.  There is an over-supply of condos and many are brand new...with developers who are willing to "deal" on the pricing to keep their project viable in this market.

No matter if your home is a condo or a single family residence, it is imperative that you have the home in as pristine condition as possible.  Examples of a home being "staged" to sell would be that it has a great drive-up appeal, i.e. The yard will be landscaped and neatly mowed, trimmed etc. The front door will be a color or have a feature that will draw the eye to the entrance. The more bland the exterior color, the more eye-popping the accent needs to be.  This can be done with a door decoration or with potted plants near the entrance.

A home with great drive up appeal will automatically attract "lookers" who may be potential buyers.  It is ok to test your exterior for a while before doing these updates, but if you are not getting showings....the time to act is soon! 

The same is true for the interior of your home.  The interior photos, which are necessary in today's market, must be clear and bright.  The rooms must show as uncluttered and neatly organized.  Again, if you, as a seller will compare the photos of your home with your competition, often you will be able to tell if you have a cluttered look, or if you need to make some changes.  Generally, the homes that you like, are also the types of homes that others will like too.  If you are guilty of thinking that you will wait and see what happens before you clean out and clear the clutter...........Just listen to Nike...."just do it"!  You will reap the rewards much faster.

DiAnne us available to visit by phone or inperson to discuss selling your home in the Fort Worth area anytime. If you are worried about your mortgage and fearing foreclosure, there are solutions.

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