Monday, June 8, 2009

Etsy Selling...Team Fort Worth and Me

I am so excited to go meet up with the Team Fort Worth group of our local Etsy seller's/designers this week. I am interested in seeing the ladies who are all so talented in different ways. a new Etsy seller, I really still do not have the "hang" of it. Although I am so happy when I see that I sold something, I still don't know how I was found, and how one gets "found" consistently.

Last Friday, I listed several items and when I got ready to look at my site and see how it all looked, I couldn't find one of the listings. Then I looked at the sold area...there it WAS! It had sold in 3 seconds! I was so amazed!..not to mention happy! I felt successful and that my work was appreciated....I was just sure another item would sell immediately....and I am still waiting!

Well that's ok. I will discover the magic method soon. I just know I will.

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