Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tarrant County and What is Happening in Real Estate

Calling all buyers! This is the time to be a first time buyer. The announcement came yesterday that first time buyers can use the $8K in tax rebate for their closing costs, but not their 3.5% downpayment on FHA loans. This is huge! The issues that I have seen in first time buyers is that they could qualify for the loan, but did not have closing costs........Well now there is a different source! Take advantage of this........IT WILL NOT LAST FOREVER!

The house to the left is an example of a great house for a first time buyer.It is in the 76137 zip code and is NOT A FORECLOSURE. Therefore, it is move in ready and very cute!

---------------ON A DIFFERENT SUBJECT: What is you are having trouble making your mtg. payments? Have you missed some? How many? ETc. I can help any seller if they call soon and avoid their foreclosure. I have had good success with Short Sale transactions and this is a good solution. You will be selling your home and not having a bad credit ding on your record for years to come. CALL TODAY IF THIS WOULD HELP SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS.

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